SkepchickCON Psychic Challenge Round Two!

SkepchickCON Psychic Challenge Round Two!

Last week we started the official SkepchickCON 2012 Psychic Challenge.

This week it continues with BOX #2!

Use your powers. Tell me what is in the box.

In case you missed it, last week’s super-moon-powered winner, cybercedd had some extra psychic advice for us.

cybercedd on winning last weeks challenge:

As a lunar psychic, though, I was really bound to get it right on account of the SuperMoon. I should also let everyone know that there will be major celebrity relationship news before the next full moon and that the economy will probably do something, too.


Wow. There will be major celebrity relationship news. Just wow.

That is the kind of psychic advice people pay the BIG bucks for and we got it for free! This is the contest that just keeps on giving, ammirite!

And speaking of giving, we have given away our first prize. Cybercedd has chosen prize number 2. So that prize is no longer available but there are still THREE more prizes to pick from including a FREE pass to SkepchickCON at Convergence!


As for Cybercedd’s prize, he asked the drink be named after his real name and so Anne used her mixology magic, which is very similar to psychic powers and created, The Downey Sour Cocktail!

What kind of black magic is this? Why it's The Downey Sour Cocktail created for Chris Downey by Anne Sauer!


Anne has a full post on this drink complete with recipe and photos here on Mad Art Lab. Congrats again, Chris! And many thanks to Anne. I can’t wait to try the drink!


Remaining prizes:



Prize 1: I will personally pay for someone’s pass to get in to Convergence/SkepchickCon! You have to get there and find somewhere to stay but I will pay your admission to the event!

Prize 2: A drink created and named after the winner for the Skepchick party created specially for you by our resident Mad Art Lab cocktail specialist, Anne Sauer! Recipe will be provided! And we will toast to you at the Skepchick party at SkepchicCON with you if you can make it or in honor of you if you can’t.

Prize 3: A four pack of surprise Surly-Ramics given to you at SkepchickCON if you can attend, or mailed to you if you can not. You can tell me if you prefer nature or science themes.

Prize 4: A Skepchick shirt signed by all the Skepchicks who attend SkepchickCON 2012. If you can attend we will give it to you there, if not we will mail it to you after the event.


Once again, here are the rules of play:

Each commenter is allowed a total of TWO guesses per secret box post per week.

I will post one box a week for four weeks.

That means YOU can guess two times per post per week. Guess more than that and even if you are spot on your guess will not count.

The first person to guess the contents of a box in the comment section gets to pick from the prize list above.

Once a prize is picked, it will be marked off the list. So winners can’t pick the same prize twice.

If no one guesses exactly what is in a particular box I will show the item to Rebecca and then together we will decide which guess is closest to the actual contents and give a prize to that commenter.

Winners will be announced in the comment sections of each post and in any follow-up posts.

I will give one hint each week.

I have sent a photo of what is in each box to an official, classified Skepchick for verification purposes. Then, I sealed the boxes. They will not be opened again until the contest is over.

The boxes have been sealed.

When I said each box had only one item, I sorta lied. Or sorta forgot. Or maybe I passed out while typing and had a lovely nap on my keyboard about traveling to foreign lands with friends and eating candies called, “The Job.”

Eherm. Sorry. I am awake now.

This Weeks hint: This box has two of itself but can still be considered one thing.

I may give additional hints in the comments if your psychic talents  prove to be weak. Use the Force, Luke. Use the force.

More info about SkepchickCON at Convergence can be found here.


Now get to guessing!





Avatar of Amy
Amy Davis Roth (aka Surly Amy) is a multimedia artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She makes Surly-Ramics and writes about vegan food. Follow her on twitter: @SurlyAmy or on Google+.


  1. Avatar of scottsigler

    I’m going with dice.

  2. Avatar of Eskeptrical Engineer

    Guess 1: Fake mustache (in two parts)
    Guess 2: Socks

  3. Avatar of panchoruiz

    glasses (the kind you put on your face)

    I’m saving my second try I guess

  4. Avatar of quietmarc

    I asked the spirits, and all I’m getting is kittens, which doesn’t fit the clue. Is it possible that someone on the internet is thinking about kittens? If so, could they please stop so that the spirits can tell me what’s in the box?

    • Avatar of Luna

      That would be my cat Ives. He uses mind control often, sorry. But he also invented the Internet, so you should probably not question him.

  5. Avatar of Luna

    Well, I am in fact, the best psychic in the world. I even had my brain dissected by Albert Einstein (I used my time machine).

    Having said that, I don’t understand the rules. Not one word. :D

    Anyway. I’m going with a paper cat. You can’t go wrong with cats.

  6. Avatar of 9bar

    Guess 1: A desktop computer
    Guess 2: The male & female Skepchick nude calendars that used to be published

  7. Avatar of andyinsdca

    A pair of pants

    It’s also Schroedinger’s Cat. Or it’s not.

  8. Avatar of Carla

    Guess one: a pair of pants
    Guess two: a beachball (just cause)

    I’m a physical medium, so this challenge is really biased. I have to be touching the box to know. All I can do now is imagine myself touching the box. So if I’m wrong it’s your fault.

  9. Avatar of nicoleljs

    I’m going with FUZZY dice. That’s a different answer from dice, yes?

  10. Avatar of porlob

    Guess 1: a Smurf figurine
    Guess 2: a set of skeptic word magnets

  11. Avatar of dashwood


  12. Avatar of Olivia


  13. Avatar of Nicole Introvert

    #1. Googly eyes
    #2. Tap shoes

  14. Avatar of nicoleljs

    Second guess: salt & pepper shakers.

  15. Avatar of dr. dr. professor

    Atoms with a nonzero energy value and randomly fluctuating vacuum energy.

  16. Avatar of Karl Stevens

    Guess#1: The Bolivian navy on maneuvers in the South Pacific.

    Guess#2: a pair of Sony earbuds.

  17. Avatar of Bjornar

    It’s a TAM pen.

    Or a golf ball.

  18. Avatar of Amy

    No correct answer yet! Keep trying!

  19. Avatar of mlektd

    1. a pair of gloves. 2. a pair of slippers.

  20. Avatar of JoJodancingbear

    #1 a Mounds Candy Bar (you know the one with 2 pieces)
    #2 A Reeses Candy Bar (you know the one with 2 pieces)

    Methinks I might be a little enamored with candy. At least it keeps my mind off of Cats!

  21. Avatar of Feats of Cats

    1. Instant noodles
    2. A book by a skeptic author

  22. Avatar of Luna

    A gene splicer.

  23. Avatar of DrMcCoy

    1. Scissors
    2. Twix (aka Raider, if you’re European and at least about 30 years old) chocolate bar

  24. Avatar of Ubi Dubium

    1. a matched pair of fossil trilobites (and neutrinos)
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 (and neutrinos)

  25. Avatar of boyofd

    1. Bookends
    2. Testicles

  26. Avatar of Wilson

    I have no idea. A ratchet?

  27. Avatar of Amy

    You people need to focus your psychic energy. Perhaps some meditation or dancing will help you find your rhythmic center.

  28. Avatar of Teletheus


  29. Avatar of ashleydw

    1) Ceramic tiles

  30. Avatar of absinthia


    2nd guess will wait on the possibility of further clues forthcoming… ;)

  31. Avatar of jocus

    Finally registered just to join in…

    My first guess – a pair of tiny cymbals!

    • Avatar of Amy

      You are wise. Hone you psychic energy and the answer will come to you.

      • Avatar of jocus

        Okay – stretching my chakras to their limit, and wearing a monocle for my third eye… Tiny Bongos?

  32. Avatar of dkmuldoon

    1. Cocktail shaker/strainer

  33. Avatar of catgirl

    1. Vibrating nipple clamps.

    2. Rum and Coke.

  34. Avatar of Amy

    Vive la skeptic – psychic revolution!

  35. Avatar of panchoruiz


  36. Avatar of osprey63

    Schrodinger’s cat.

  37. Avatar of hikeru

    Guess One: Small bongos
    Guess Two: Pair of Drumsticks

  38. Avatar of f0xhole


    2.Violin and bow

  39. Avatar of Artemisia


  40. Avatar of Teletheus

    Second guess: Maracas?

  41. Avatar of Aaron Bannister

    First guess: Castanets?
    Second guess: salad tongs?

  42. Avatar of Amy

    Here is the innards of box #2:

    Congrats Teletheus!!! Please pick your prize!

    • Avatar of Teletheus

      It was simple, really; I just needed to sleep on it. And by “sleep on it,” I of course mean “allow the answer to come to me in a vision as I dreamt last night.” In the spirit of cybercedd’s generosity last weekend, I should also warn you—yes, you, the person reading this right now, not anyone else who might have read it before or after—that my dream also revealed you will face a great challenge in the near future, but you’ll become a stronger person as a result of it. Be prepared for anything!

      It was a tough call, but I’d like to go with Prize 3. (I slightly prefer science themes.)

      Thanks a million!

      • Avatar of Amy

        I need your shipping address and full name and the length of cord you would like for your Surlies. The lengths are 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″ or 26″. I sent you an email you can reply to, if you don’t get it lemme know! :)

  43. Avatar of Grand Lunar

    I say it’s Schrödinger’s cat.

    That seems to match the description, in some sort of way.

  44. Avatar of Madfishmonger

    Curses! Foiled again!

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