• FeminismPresidential candidate Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Is Not My Feminist Hero

    An article has been making the rounds that shares a self-described “all-caps explosion of feelings” about the how the left has failed to support Hillary Clinton’s run for president. Amid important points about how Clinton criticism can often be sexist and Clinton’s gender makes her presidential campaign all the more challenging, there’s a troubling refrain: We all make mistakes. Give Hillary…

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  • An astrologer, Hitler, and MI5

    How’s that for a headline? Today, the National Archives released MI5 documents showing how Britain hired a flamboyant, cross-dressing German astrologer named Louis De Wahl in an attempt to exploit what they suspected was a weakness of Hitler’s — a belief in the paranormal. At first, I thought that sounded pretty cool. If Hitler believed in astrology, a “psychic” who…

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