virtual bake sale


    The next item up on the auction block: a Muppets Pigs in Space action playset courtesy of Maria! Maria says it’s a full Swine Trek set that features moving levers, swiveling side panels, retractable doors, removeable consols, swiveling chairs, and an interchangeable rear view-screen. It even has a Miss Piggy figure! If you request, Maria will even sign it for…

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  • Virtual Bake Sale: A Custom-made Corset from Carrie!

    Previously on the Virtual Bake Sale, we started the auction of a signed XBox 360. Today, I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be auctioning off a corset, custom-made for you by carr2d2! Here’s the info: Have you always wanted your own Star Trek-themed corset? How about something Firefly-inspired, or maybe a Care Bears print?’s own carr2d2 will make…

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  • Dragon*Con & The Virtual Bake Sale

    I’m finally back from my super-fun two-week jaunt around the US, during which I attended SkepchiCon at CONvergence in Minneapolis and then The Amaz!ng Meeting 8 in Las Vegas. Meeting so many new people, including a lot of Skepchick readers (hello!), and bonding with my fellow Skepchicks made me long to get to the next big skeptical event: Dragon*Con, held…

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