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    Abuse of Abuse

    This post has been cowritten with Maria Walters. It includes discussion of domestic abuse, especially emotional and psychological abuse. Last week, the news reported that the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, an evangelical newspaper founded by Billy Graham, called for Trump’s removal from office. There have been many different takes on what this means… but I don’t want to talk about…

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  • QuickiesCat in foreground with dog in background

    Quickies: Civility and protest in the face of challenges to our democracy…

    It’s Friday, and today, I have some longer, more thoughtful reads bookmarked for the quickies. Civility is Overrated – at The Atlantic, Adam Serwer digs into the history of how Reconstruction failed Black Americans and how the false veneer of political civility has often masked rampant oppression and violence in this country. “The true threat to America is not an…

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  • Random AsidesDeaths from various unrelated causes

    Bad Chart Thursday: Gun Deaths Don’t Matter Because Cancer

    In President Obama’s response to the mass shooting in Oregon last week, he asked the US media to report gun deaths side by side with terrorism deaths to demonstrate that far more Americans are killed by guns than by terrorism, yet we don’t spend a fraction of the resources used to combat terrorism in efforts to reduce gun violence. Various…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: June 30 – July 6 on the Skepchick Network

    I know, I know. I got this post up late. I’m sorry. I know you were lost without me. But I got back from SkepchickCON at 2:00 in the morning, and I was so very tired. But fear not! I’m here now, awake and refreshed and ready to provide you with the Skepchick sister sight nourishment you need. Teen Skepchick…

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  • Activism

    Why I’m Optimistic About Saving Face

    Tonight at 8:30 EST, HBO will be airing an Oscar-winning documentary entitled Saving Face. The 40-minute film is about how Dr. Mohammad Jawad, a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon, travels to his country of origin to perform facial reconstructive surgery on women who are victims of acid attacks (warning: graphic images). When I first heard of the film, I was duly skeptical. Many films,…

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  • Christian Identity: The scary religion you don’t know about

    Sadly, Michigan is home to an awful lot of racist bastards with guns. The Hutaree group arrested in May 2010 for stockpiling guns and explosives is a pretty good example. Once again, Americans were shooting and plotting terrorism and they were doing it in the name of Christianity. To those of us who have been targeted by Christian Identity folks, this isn’t…

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  • Ask Surly Amy: Frustrated Abusive Relationship

    Dearly Surly Amy, About one year ago I met a woman online. We became fond of each other and started what, even if we never met in person, has every right to be called a relationship. She wasn’t single. The man knew about me and didn’t mind; they had an “open relationship.” Eventually I learned that he used to beat…

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  • Kitty Genovese: March 13, 1964

    Today, 45 years ago, a beautiful young woman was sexually assaulted and stabbed  in New York. The assault lasted half an hour, and occurred outside of an apartment building where  38 witnesses either heard or saw the attack and did nothing to stop it. They did nothing. It was not reported at the time, but Kitty was also a lesbian,…

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