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    Quickies: Measles at the Movies, Indigenous Astrophysics, Hip-Hop Science…

    Hey, hey, all! It’s your friendly neighborhood astronomer. I am thrilled to bring back a Skepchick tradition, Cute Animal Friday! Amanda has brought us hundreds and HUNDREDS of adorable fauna from around the world, and I hope to do this fine tradition justice. I’m also going to be a little selfish and share my favorite cute animal, the one that…

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  • Activism

    Violence and Silence. The TED Talk That Might Make Every Man a Feminist.

    Here is a talk by Jackson Katz, Ph.D at TEDxFIDIWoman that has been quickly making the rounds. Because it’s great. It’s being called, “the TED talk that might make every man a feminist” and I agree. I highly encourage you to set the (only) 19 minutes aside to listen to what this man has to say about gender violence, sexism…

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  • ReligionTEDxGender

    The Quantified Church (of TED)

    You may have heard about TED talks. They’re pretty popular amongst a certain sect. They appeal to people for a lot of reasons: they’re fun, flashy, and emotionally appealing. They feel really important, almost life-changing, in no small part because they’re aggressively branded as such. And above all, TED talks are short, typically requiring less than 15 minutes of your…

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  • Skepticism

    A Wee-Hours Conspiracy

    I can’t be the only skeptic who used to be a conspiracy theorist. I thought I’d heard it all until I saw the latest (well, circa 2007) from the great minds at TED. The daring poet Rives breaks down the conspiracy regarding the most boring hour of the 24-hour cycle. I hope that they didn’t get him after this. After all, TED…

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