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  • SciencePhoto of Does ’16 and Pregnant’ Convince Teens Not to Get Pregnant?

    Does ’16 and Pregnant’ Convince Teens Not to Get Pregnant?

    Yesterday, researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research released a new paper looking at the effect of watching the MTV shows 16 and Pregnant and its spin-offs Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 on teen birth rates. They claim they have found causal evidence to suggest that in areas in which the show is more popular, teen pregnancies are…

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  • SciencePhoto of A Primer on Culture

    A Primer on Culture

    I talk a lot about culture here on Skepchick. I guess that comes with being a cultural anthropologist! What I realize as I surf the skeptico-atheist blogosphere is that I think we cultural anthropologists have a slightly different understanding of what culture is than most other people. In the interest of clarifying myself and sharing with others how anthropologists (whose…

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  • FeaturedPhoto of Why Gender Differences Don’t Matter (and Other Myths)

    Why Gender Differences Don’t Matter (and Other Myths)

    Cross-posted at Queereka. A few days ago, Harriet Hall wrote a post on Science-Based Medicine titled “Gender Differences and Why They Don’t Matter So Much.” The article left a bad taste in my mouth for a number of reasons. Aside from what I feel is a gross misrepresentation of various criticisms of Michael Shermer (which I will leave to Ophelia and PZ to deal with as…

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  • FeminismPhoto of Proving and Quantifying Sexism

    Proving and Quantifying Sexism

    In many areas of life, especially in cases where a person must apply to enter an organization, field or job, there are large gender gaps. Whenever feminists call for equal representation by women in a particular endeavor, detractors often claim that adding more women means better-qualified men will get bumped down. They claim that in order to get an equal…

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  • FeaturedPhoto of Ninja Infiltrates Skepchick

    Ninja Infiltrates Skepchick

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jamie and way back in 2008 I sent an email to Rebecca saying I was interested in becoming a Skepchick. Needless to say, I didn’t make the cut. I spent the next five years slowly infiltrating my way into the inner circle of Skepchicks, by way of alcohol and unrestrained enthusiasm, until they finally gave…

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  • ParentingPhoto of On the Abuse of Social Science

    On the Abuse of Social Science

    Cross-posted on Queereka. One of the reoccurring talking points of opponents of marriage equality is that social science research demonstrates that children do better with a heterosexual couple than any other type of parenting situation. For an example, see this exchange between CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and hate-group leader Tony Perkins. Note how she fails to challenge Perkins on his oft-repeated…

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