• SkepticismWine pours from a decanter with three holes for a waterfall effect

    Wine Gifts You Don’t Need

    Every year folks tell me they’re too intimidated to buy actual wine for the wine geek in their lives. Since that wine geek is often me, I always tell them that I love getting wine from literally anyone, but I also caution against some of the fancy wine paraphernalia commonly marketed to the Pimped-Out Kitchen crowd. Some popular products don’t…

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  • Featured

    The 2015 #CyberMonday Skepchick and Mad Art Lab Gift Guide

    It’s my pleasure to present to you this year’s official Skepchick and Mad Art Lab Gift Guide! There are a lot of wonderful sciencey and geeky gift items out there in the world and it’s our aim to bring you a sampling of the best and coolest and quirkiest. We strive to feature businesses that are ethical and we urge…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: Harry Potter, Ms. Marvel, Evolution Debate, and the First Gynecologist

    Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 85: Losing My Mechanical Energy Mindy discusses mechanical energy in damped oscillations. Medication: Remember to Ask Questions Olivia knows from personal experience the importance of getting complete information about medications. Hope for the Aftermath of the Creation “Museum” Fundraiser Debate Even though Ken Ham used the evolution debate as a fundraiser for his “museum,”…

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