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    Auctions for Science: Wonder Woman Shoes & Vintage Science Textbooks

    Cross-posted with Skepchick Events. This week’s auctions feature donations from our very own DrRubidium and Will, both of whom will be at SkepchickCon July 4th weekend in Minneapolis. In addition to science activities and salons in the Skepchick Space Lab, here’s a taste of some of the panels they’ll be on: DrRubidium: Getting Away with Murder Breaking Bad Science Song…

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  • Report from the Con

    I’m back in town and trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed by being at SkepchickCon.  After some calculations this afternoon, I determined that the last time I attended a science fiction convention was in 1982.* Seriously. I was at (and helped to plan) AggieCon XIII. AggieCon is “the oldest and largest student-run science fiction convention in…

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