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  • FeminismA man and a woman wearing blindfolds and holding hands next to the words "Married at First Sight"

    Is “Married at First Sight” a Legitimate Science Experiment?

    I have to come clean: I genuinely enjoy the show Married at First Sight. I know, I know. I started watching it because I thought it looked terrible, and bad TV is something I love. The first few episodes, I watched and mocked. But I found myself compelled to continue watching. I realized I was sympathizing with the characters and I…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Get Real

    It seems our culture has formed a long term relationship with the hyper-emotional feelings that are brought about by the reality television show circuit. Viewers clammer for more drama, more danger and often more of the pathetic I-can’t-believe-how-much-your-life-sucks-compared-to-mine feeling that this type of programming offers. This emotional I am better-than, or smarter-than, or I-could-do-that-better, or WTF-are-you-doing footage is edited and…

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