• Activism

    How Patreon is Changing the DIY Movement

    I recently hosted a meetup for my LAWAAG group with a speaker named Teka-Lark Fleming who gave a very fascinating talk about the history of the DIY movement in Los Angeles. (DIY, for anyone who is unfamiliar stands for do it yourself.) Teka talked about the early days when a lot of revolutionary, anarchist and art zines came into existence.…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Surly Amy Has a #SciArt Patreon Project. Please support!

    I was so inspired by all of the art and science panels at ChiFi this weekend that I decided to finally try to reach for one of my big dreams. And that big dream is to start painting again and making ceramic fine art pieces that are heavily linked to science. You only live once, folks and life is short.…

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