• Science

    Procrastinator’s Guide to the Solar Eclipse

    I love to procrastinate. Actually, no. I hate it. But my brain is just SO good at getting me into that mode. So I totally understand if you are just now realizing that one of the biggest astronomical events of a lifetime is happening just a few days from now. If you’re not already tuned in to all things astronomy,…

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  • Events

    Skepchick Auctions: Choose-Your-Own Surly

    Cross-posted with Skepchick Events. This week, as a part of our SkepchickCon fundraising, we are auctioning a Surlyramics necklace or earrings set, donated by the one and only Surly Amy. All proceeds go toward supplies and informational materials for science and art education and outreach as well as travel expenses for the experts we’re bringing to SkepchickCon. The winning bidder…

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  • Skepticism

    ICYMI: November 11 – November 17 on the Skepchick Network

    Hello! It’s a beautiful day! Probably. I don’t know where you live. Regardless, here are some of the awesome posts you missed last week as you were having a non-Internet life. Enjoy! Teen Skepchick Eating Disorders: The Demographics You don’t have to be a teenage girl to have an eating disorder. Is Doctor Who a Religion? Lux examines the possibility…

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  • Activism

    Ask Surly Amy: How Can I Help?

    Hello Amy! First off: I’m a long time fan of Skepchick and the SGU, you RULE! I work in a natural history museum, as an informal science educator. I see thousands of people, answer questions, explain basic science. When you talk about scientific illiteracy in the US, you get the news from survey data. I see it first hand. Every.…

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