New Orleans

  • Feminism

    Women in Secularism: Interview with Lindsay Beyerstein

    Women in Secularism 3 is coming up this May. The speakers list includes many admirable, accomplished women with whom I am humbled to be billed (including our very own Amy and Debbie). One of them is Lindsay Beyerstein, an accomplished journalist and all-around interesting person, as I found out last Skepticon. Without further ado, I present her comments on journalism, photography,…

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  • Hurricane Gustav

    Just wanted to give readers who might have some disposable income a tip: INCITE (Women of Color Against Violence) is working to help low-income women, seniors, and families in New Orleans evacuate, and could really use your help.  Domestic Violence Shelters are one of the refuges that INCITE! will be helping, as well as those served by their public health…

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