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    Hookers for Jesus Wants to “Save” Sex Workers Whether They Want It or Not

    Hookers for Jesus is an absolutely real non-profit organization started by Annie Lobert, a former sex worker, in order to save women from the evils of prostitution via the most condescending and judgy methods possible. Hookers for Jesus wants to “save” women from sex work. Whether those women actually want to be saved isn’t really taken into consideration. There are…

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    Bad Chart Thursday: The Pareidolia Plot

    As skeptics, we’re probably all familiar with the concept of pareidolia, perceiving a distinct pattern, often an image, in randomness, such as the many sightings of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in food items (grilled cheese, tortillas, pizza, Cheetos), stains on walls, wood grain, gnarled trees, and even in a dirty sock. The same process is at work with sound,…

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    Bad Chart Thursday: Mad Art Lab is Popular, OK?

    Hey all. Anne from Mad Art Lab here. I’m invading the Skepchick main site on behalf of the Lab to stage a protest. You see, over on the Lab’s behind-the-scenes dashboard, we mere contributors can no longer see our site stats. For a bunch of affirmation junkies like us (artists just want attention, you know), this is a cruel and…

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  • Jesus! He’s back!

    Jesus is here! He’s here! In a rocking chair! In Orange County, Ca. (video after the jump) My observations: That Jesus looks very Asian… and somehow also appears to be Ed Norton. If Jesus is going to sit in a rocking chair, why would he sit directly in the line of the Fart Stream? Why won’t Jesus just come back…

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  • Super Mario Jesus

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  • Jesus Took My Stuff

    When I was nine years old, my mother became a born-again Christian. This was a pretty common occurrence in the area in which I grew up, as most mothers didn’t work, and truthfully, boredom and depression would kick in. She met a member of a church whilst waiting for me at the school gates, got chatting, and was offered the…

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  • Jesus on a Moth!

    No, that’s not an expression like “Christ on a Cracker!” Someone in Tyler, Texas (it had to be Texas….) thinks he sees Jesus on this moth.  You know you have comedy gold just from this line: Kirk Harper spotted the moth on an RV trailer Monday, and right away could tell it was unique. And…oh boy…there’s a poll on that news…

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