Jesus! He’s back!

Jesus is here! He’s here! In a rocking chair! In Orange County, Ca. (video after the jump)

My observations:

  1. That Jesus looks very Asian… and somehow also appears to be Ed Norton.
  2. If Jesus is going to sit in a rocking chair, why would he sit directly in the line of the Fart Stream?
  3. Why won’t Jesus just come back in a body? It’s much easier to make out his face when it’s actually on the front of a head… you know, like faces are.
  4. It is required that every religious pareidolia story must end with the reporter speculating on how much the “image” will go for on ebay.



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  1. Since Jesus chose that spot for his face to be……
    Isn’t the only question whether it was a man or woman normally sitting in that chair? Having his face in between the butt cheeks of a man would mean some fundies would have to rethink their anti-gay policies!

  2. Sweet! If the internet is mine now, do I get to decide who’s on it? (Age of Autism, I’m looking at you!)

  3. If Jesus is going to sit in a rocking chair, why would he sit directly in the line of the Fart Stream?

    This is the guy who dined with the prostitutes and tax collectors. He’s clearly anti-establishment .


    This is clearly a miracle point out the fact that Edward Norton IS Jesus!

    … and Tyler Durden. There’s your holy trinity.

  4. Why is a pareidolia image of a bearded man always interpreted as Jesus. It might be Gregg Allman! Or, in this instance, Jim Morrison.

  5. Jesus didn’t pick that area because of the excreted gas. He is the RESULT of years of anal back draft!!!

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