• QuickiesKavin is exasperated

    Kavin Can’t Even Quickie: Food Babe, Did You Know that “Indian” Isn’t a Language?

      This will be an extremely short edition of “Kavin Can’t Even.” I have been taking one for the team and reading Vani Hari’s book, “Food Babe Way,” a New York Times bestseller. For the life of me, I cannot imagine how anyone believes that this book is factually accurate. Even her personal anecdotes are reductionist to the extreme. Case…

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  • Activism

    Truth as Blasphemy

    As mentioned in the quickies a few weeks ago, Sanal Edamaruku, president of the Indian Rationalist Association, revealed that a “weeping” cross was not actually a miracle at all, but in fact caused by a leaky drain. When he refused to retract his findings, the local Catholic Church filed a case against him for blasphemy and he now has arrest…

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  • Jai Hind!

    Today, India celebrates the 61st anniversary of its independence from British Rule. Not quite as exciting as 231 years for you Americans, but we did it with a lot fewer bullets. Since I tend to post about the things that really annoy me about India, I thought I’d dedicate some time to a few completely awesome things about it. Check…

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  • It’s opposite world!

    I know I should be writing a TAM recap but this came across my inbox and I couldn’t resist.  Some groups in India are upset about the messages being sent in a public school social studies textbook. Familiar, no? Not quite. In this case, it’s religious groups that are upset because they say the book promotes atheism and communism. India’s…

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  • Don’t High Hat the Principal

    Indians have a lot of gods, and India has a lot of monkeys. You non-Indians might think those are unrelated facts, but you would be mistaken. We’ve seen modern shipping advances get stopped because just one god led an army of monkey warriors across a bridge. They even have a whole monkey god. His name’s Hanuman and he doesn’t think…

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