• Scienceview looking down the side of a telescope with constellations printed on it

    NoisyAstronomer’s Holiday Telescope Buying Guide

    We’re coming up on the gift-giving season, and every year I get a few folks asking me, “what kind of telescope should I get for an X-year-old?” I thought it was high time to write up my own easily shareable list of tips and recommendations. That department store scope? It’s a trap First things first. DON’T buy a no-name brand,…

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  • SkepticismWine pours from a decanter with three holes for a waterfall effect

    Wine Gifts You Don’t Need

    Every year folks tell me they’re too intimidated to buy actual wine for the wine geek in their lives. Since that wine geek is often me, I always tell them that I love getting wine from literally anyone, but I also caution against some of the fancy wine paraphernalia commonly marketed to the Pimped-Out Kitchen crowd. Some popular products don’t…

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  • Skepchick Holiday Gift Guide

    The second Skepchick podcast is now online! Listen on iTunes or on our Libsyn page. This episode, we take a look at our favorite gifts to give and get this holiday season. This show includes Rebecca, A, Bug_Girl, Maria, Stacey, Jill, Elyse, and Carrie. Editing and post-production was done by A. Thanks, A! Here are photos of and links to…

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