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    Guest Post: On Being a Defiant Athlete

    Editor’s Note: Shaunta is back! And this time she is sending a message to her younger self, about regrets and growing up, and also the difference between an athlete and an exerciser.  *** If my life was reduced to data and stretched out in a timeline, there would be several delineating markers. Before and after my parents divorced when I…

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    Skepchick Sundaylies: Mutant Super Rats, Slime Mold of Life, Drag Race, and “Momnesia”

    Teen Skepchick Science Sunday: Bleeding Hearts and the Tribulations of Initializing Variables in C Elizabeth explains what went wrong with OpenSSL. Adulthood: Mourning the Past Being an adult is more than just gaining responsibility. You lose something important, too. In Defence of Giant Ravenous Mutant Super Rats The British don’t need to fear a rat infestation. Mad Art Lab Parity…

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    New Parenting Blog Launched!

    Today the Skepchick Network is proudly unrolling our new skeptical parenting blog, Grounded Parents! (Intro to the new site x-posted from Welcome to Grounded Parents, the Skepchick Network’s new skeptical parenting blog! I’m Elyse Mofo Anders, managing editor and 6 year veteran contributor to our parent site Skepchick, and qualified to be here because somehow someone got the idea…

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