• ActivismPhoto of People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality

    People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality

    I was reading the news on Saturday, when I saw that there was a KKK rally in Indiana. At first, I was completely disgusted. What type of person could possibly be so racist that they would even be in the KKK? And what type of even worse person would think it was a good idea to advertise that racism by…

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  • ActivismPhoto of Not All Cops.

    Not All Cops.

    Yesterday a grand jury decided that the only person indicted in the killing of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man choked to death in broad daylight in New York City, would be the person who filmed his death. This morning the St. Louis Police Department posted a social media update titled “Kids will be kids?” I hoped, for one fleeting moment,…

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  • ActivismPhoto of Riot Response From Los Angeles to Ferguson

    Riot Response From Los Angeles to Ferguson

    I really wanted to write something profound about the situation happening in Ferguson, MO. The problem is, I know it’s not my story to tell. My story happened 22 years ago and even to that story, I was still merely a witness. I am a white person and I don’t live in Ferguson so I can’t truly understand the pain…

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  • FeminismPhoto of Doctors vs Orgasms

    Doctors vs Orgasms

    Doctors, hey, can I talk to you for a minute? As a patient? Because I think it’s time we had a chat. See, docs (is it okay if I call you “docs”? I’d like to think we’re all friends here.), I’ve been having some trouble with one of your own. I mean, overall she’s great, but on this one thing,…

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  • ActivismPhoto of Joss Whedon hates “feminist”

    Joss Whedon hates “feminist”

    “I hate ‘feminist.’ Is this a good time to bring that up?” Joss says as he begins his talk at an Equality Now benefit dinner. And people got angry. He explains that he doesn’t hate feminists. And then he goes on to say AMAZING things that made me want to hug him. Joss Whedon hates the word “feminist” but he…

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  • FeminismPhoto of Women in Secularism Wrap-Up

    Women in Secularism Wrap-Up

    Two days ago the second Women in Secularism conference ended. This is only the second time I’ve attended a non-religious or non-work related conference, (I’ve attended a lot of very large Christian conferences in the past,) and it was probably the most rewarding weekend I’ve had in many years. Not only because of the great speakers, but also because of all the…

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  • Women at TAM: The Results Are In

    One of our goals here at Skepchick HQ is to get more women interested and involved in skepticism and science, and as a part of that I like to keep an eye on skeptic events to see how many women are showing up. It’s kind of tough since most events don’t have participants fill out surveys, so usually you just…

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