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    Abuse of Abuse

    This post has been cowritten with Maria Walters. It includes discussion of domestic abuse, especially emotional and psychological abuse. Last week, the news reported that the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, an evangelical newspaper founded by Billy Graham, called for Trump’s removal from office. There have been many different takes on what this means… but I don’t want to talk about…

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    ICYMI: Emmy Noether, Stay-at-Home Dads, and the War on Experts

    Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 84: My Damp Collection Mindy examines how oscillations slow to a stop. What it Means to be a Woman in Nerd Culture: The Fake Geek Girl Alice discusses one aspect of what it’s like to be a lady nerd. Mad Art Lab What Can You Tell from a Color-Coded Chromosome? Color-coded cells are beautiful,…

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