• Skepticism

    The Worst Thing Brian Dunning Has Done for Skepticism

    Brian Dunning is fairly prominent amongst skeptics for his podcast, Skeptoid. He’s prominent amongst FBI agents for his conviction for wire fraud. (The case has been ongoing since 2011, but Dunning’s sentencing is April 28, 2014.) For those who are unfamiliar with the skeptical community, it is based in large part on exposing frauds, so this criminal’s continued popularity with…

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  • SurlyRamics and Topless chicks!

    What’s stopping you from buying SurlyRamics right now? Is it because the jewelry doesn’t come with enough photos of topless Skepchicks? If it is, then oh man do I have a deal for you! Right now, we’re auctioning off two more SurlyRamics necklaces by our in-house jeweler, Surly Amy and these ones come with autographed pictures of that Skepchick from…

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