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    What if we treated physical disabilities like mental health problems? Well, we do.

    I see a common sentiment echoed in the communities who advocate for better mental health access, understanding, and decreasing of stigma against people with mental health issues: “What if we treated physical disabilities/ailments the way we treat mental health?” For example, this comic. Or this┬ácomic. Or this other comic. I’ve seen dozens more, but you get the picture. I absolutely…

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  • Skepticisma sign reading "deadly peril" in Italian accompanied by a skull-and-crossbones symbol

    Poverty & Disability: A Most Dangerous Combination

    Poverty plus disability equals death sentence. They’re like bleach and ammonia: if the twain do meet and there are no windows for you to open, you’re history. This is about someone who found a window or two but could have just as easily asphyxiated. He was born into the middle class but a┬ácustody battle (and, later, his mother’s drug problems)…

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    Guest Post: Blog Against “Disablism” Day by Chris “Gonz Blinko” Hofstader

    Today’s guest post is from Chris Hofstader (featured in a previous guest post) and concerns Blog Against Disablism Day. I am not eloquent enough to describe how compelling, thought-provoking, and eye-opening this post is for people who are not aware of the issues behind disablism, you just have to read it yourself. ———————————————— A number of advocates and activists who…

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