• “Gay Exorcism” in Bridgeport, CT

    WABC is reporting that a cult (or church, or whatever you prefer) in Connecticut called Manifested Glory Ministries uploaded a YouTube video of an “exorcism” they performed on an apparently gay teenager. The video was horrific, showing adults restraining the boy as he flailed and jerked his body, and then vomited. Manifested Glory removed the video, but as the Scientologists…

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  • Holy Shtit.

    Sorry, that’s “shtetl,” not “shtit.” NY Mag just published a fascinating look at one woman’s struggle to escape a Jewish cult called Satmar Hasidim from Kiryas Joel in the Catskills — it’s a story that reads as though it’s coming from a fundamentalist Muslim community in the MidEast. In addition to having no access to the outside world by way…

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  • Nuclear Baby Will Eat Your Soul

    Thursday is the end of the world, which sucks because I’m going to pub trivia tonight and the prize is always money off your next bar tab and there’s just no way I’m getting back over that way Wednesday because that’s the big Scooper Bowl and then I have to do the podcast. I mean, maybe if the end of…

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