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    Skepchick Quickies 9.24

    On September 24, 1906, Devils Tower was proclaimed as the first National Monument by U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt. It’s a pretty fascinating igneous formation, you should read more about it. In Plain View: How child molesters get away with it – Cognitive dissonance has a lot to do with it. This is an excellent piece, but it may be triggering…

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  • Activism

    Ask Surly Amy and Dr. Gorski: In the Workplace Skeptical Activism

    Greetings Amy! I am an underling at a large, academic hospital, in an oncology unit. Recently, our hospital added a department of “Integrative Medicine.” Space, already at a premium, is being taken up in our department by a pair of acupuncturists. I have been forced to help handle their patients, including asking them for payment for services rendered. I know…

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  • Beware the Spinal Trap

    We’ve talked about our friend Simon Singh often here on Skepchick. Today, we join blogs around the Interwebbery in reposting his now-infamous article criticizing the British Chiropractic Association, who are now suing him for libel, despite the fact that everything he said was true. The article below has been cleaned up by lawyers to prevent the BCA from suing a…

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  • Brittania Rules!

    Brits are making me proud at the moment. No, not because the members of our government have been fiddling their expenses (while we have a Royal Family, I can’t bring myself to care about some politician claiming for moat-cleaning. Drop, ocean). It’s because of YOU LOT. Skeptics. Actually, that’s ‘us lot’ because I’m one of ’em. These past few weeks…

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