• Religion

    Quebec helpfully shows how NOT to do secularism

    [This article was originally posted on School of Doubt.] There is currently a fair bit of controversy over the ruling separatist government’s plans to institute a “Charter of Quebec Values” [note: as of this writing English version is incomplete and mostly still in French…quelle surprise] that would ostensibly put an end to the years-long question of what constitutes “reasonable accommodation”…

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  • Events

    Come See Me at Sex & Secularism in Montreal!

    Good news! The Canadian Humanists are hosting what’s sure to be a fascinating, entertaining conference called Sex and Secularism in Montreal next weekend, August 3-5. Better news! I’ll be there, along with badass mofos like Maryam Namazie, Greta Christina, Andrew Copson, and Humanist of the Year Sue Johanson, who many of you may know as the hilarious lady with the…

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