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    Your First Mammogram

    Why I was afraid to go and why you shouldn’t be. “No deodorant or lotion on the day of your appointment.” said the receptionist from the doctor’s office. “Oh good.” I thought to myself. A potentially humiliating experience that I will likely sweat and smell though. That is sure to lower my overwhelming feelings of anxiety for my first mammogram.…

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  • SurlyRamics and Topless chicks!

    What’s stopping you from buying SurlyRamics right now? Is it because the jewelry doesn’t come with enough photos of topless Skepchicks? If it is, then oh man do I have a deal for you! Right now, we’re auctioning off two more SurlyRamics necklaces by our in-house jeweler, Surly Amy and these ones come with autographed pictures of that Skepchick from…

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