How Many Children Do You Have?

So many people have sent me books on how to grieve. I have so many. I’ll tell you in the future about that. Tonight I want to tell you a story of love.

When I met one of my stepchildren, we were not close. When I married their father, we were not close. The only promise I made on the day of my wedding was that I would love all of our children like they were mine.

If anyone asks me (see the blog art for reference) how many children I have, I have always said five based on my promise,

But this weekend one of my beloveds who is not from me but who is from my heart called crying, saying that my advice had helped them. I told them that I couldn’t be with them but that I hoped they wrapped their arms around themself because if I was there, I would have held them so tight. We cried together. I love them, so deeply.

Someone today wanted to interview and asked me how many children I have. I have a daughter that gives me strength every day, I have a son I am heartbroken for who is in heaven, I have a son I have never been more proud of who shares my major and he gives me joy, I have a beautiful daughter that is wonderful and amazing and kind and I hope she finds places in the world who love her as much as I do, and I have an exceptional child that is my light and moon and stars who every day reminds me of the things I have aspired to be.

I have made five children.

I gave birth to two children

I still have had the privilege of loving five children. I am so very blessed.

Isis the Scientist

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