Norwegian conspiracy theorist dies with COVID

Followers see conspiracy

Yes, I wrote “with” COVID. 60-year old Hans Kristian Gaarder had not been receiving medical treatment before his death and the positive COVID-test was done post mortem. The news do report him having symptoms for one to two weeks before dying on April 6., but as an absolute skeptic about the role of the health care system in “creating” this pandemic he wasn’t getting medical care and any reports of symptoms are second hand.

There is slightly more information about the April 11. death of a believer in his cause, a woman in her early 70s, who attended a recent in-person event held by Gaarder. She likewise died “with” COVID, but here the authorities report next of kin knew she was getting steadily worse and urged her to seek medical help and get a test. Thanks in part to Gaarder she did not and died alone in her home. This death does make it seem likely Gaarder died of COVID, but we can’t be certain.

But followers are certain though. Certain that he didn’t die of COVID. Certain that he’d shown no symptoms, or if he did it was pneumonia. And certain that they will not help the contact tracing teams contain the spread associated with this one event. Because if he didn’t have symptoms, that must mean he was assassinated for speaking truth about power. What truth? Ooh, boy! Let me tell you. Deadly delusions about the pandemic are just a fraction. The most dangerous fraction, perhaps, but such delusions often rest on a bedrock of conspiracy thinking.

If you’re not Norwegian, or if you’re Norwegian and not an adherent or critic of Norwegian “alternative thinking”, you won’t have heard about Hans Kristian Gaarder. But if you do belong to that smallish club, you couldn’t have avoided him. He was a prolific writer for the “Independent News site” Nyhetsspeilet (the News Mirror) a site that never met a kooky idea they didn’t like, styled himself an “independent health researcher” and held weekly paid events in a converted barn at his home near Oslo.

In a 2013 interview Gaarder, who had a university degree in Economics, says his “independent health research” started in 1997 and his vaccine “epiphany” happened in 2008. That is also the year he says he was attacked by a mind control ray by the Norwegian Police Security Service. Hiding behind a newspaper in a café like a cartoon spy the low level agent allegedly used a cell phone sized device to implant the thought “I can’t bear doing this resistance work any more” in his head.

Gaarder overcame this compulsion though, and when Nyhetsspeilet started the next year it became one of his many online channels for getting the truth out. He also got some attention in main stream media and at least once was used to “balance” actual information about vaccine safety and was presented as “independent health researcher”. This caused a lot of complaints from science minded viewers and readers and eventually most journalists caught on, so lately he generally preached to the already converted.

What did he preach? I hadn’t paid attention to him for years, so the best way to summarize his truth might be to list the topics for his last few events. I’ll do it in reverse chronological order from the last ones, a workshop on bringing the traitorous powerful to justice and the one that seem to have turned into a COVID-spreader event.

March 27. – Workshop to establish a people’s court – lectures on Common Law, Natural, methods for collecting evidence, target list. (Admit it, if you were a conspiracy theorist and your idol died right after holding this workshop, you’d freak out.)

March 26. – Trump, Biden and the road ahead for the US and the World – about the plausible reversion to the “original 1776 constitution” and Trump returning as the true 19th president of the US with a brand new vice president.

March 20. – Why and how to avoid COVID vaccination – how to deal with increasing societal pressure while limiting negative consequences

March 19. – Should a People’s Court be created in Norway – Information about the abuse of power and the rotten state of the court system. Plus a hodgepodge of information including some obvious SovCit inspired nonsense about Maritime law.

March 13. – Why and how to avoid COVID vaccination – The government is not slowing down the vaccine push despite reports of serious side effects and deaths. Citizens must inform themselves!

March 12. – A Year of Corona-countermeasures and abuse of power – A full journey from the planning of the plandemic, through the WHO, the World Economic Forum and the COVID-agenda through to the desired mass-vaccination and our rising up to call the guilty to answer for their actions. And more (sic)

March 6. – Pres. Trump, Pres. Kennedy and JFK Jr.- Trump’s fight against the Deep state/cabal/illuminati, the truth about JFK Jr., details about the murder of Pres. Kennedy.

Okay, just one more
December 18.-21. – Countdown – Something special might happen at the solstice. The liberation of planet Earth is in its final stage. Frequency level – elevation of vibrarion – hidden power and classified history are elements in this. As well as numerous “White Knights” being hard at work to “clear things up and put things in order” so that humanity’s life on Earth IMPROVES SIGNIFICANTLY and harmonizes with the Law’s of the Universe.

Gaarder didn’t have a huge audience, but he is representative of the many minor conspiracy minded people who are charismatic, persistent and seem relatively harmless to the public at large until they convince someone to not believe in a deadly pandemic. In this case it struck “close to home”, but many others will have sailed through unscathed or with minor symptoms and the harm will have come to those who got infected due to the community spread created by the disbelievers.

Despite the best efforts of vaccine doubters of all ilks, many are now getting vaccinated. We’re all sick and tired of being in emergency mode, but until community spread is actually squashed, please keep social distancing when possible, wear masks when not, and don’t just “return to normal”. The disbelievers are still out there, and if you’re not going to stay vigilant, they certainly won’t. The people you and they meet can’t tell the difference.


Bjørnar used to be a CompSci-major high school teacher in Norway, but has now followed his American wife's career to Boston, Cincinnati and finally Chapel Hill. When not writing for Skepchick he gives his actual-scientist wife programming advice, works as a tutor, updates rusty programming skills and tries to decide what to be when he grows up.

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