“Health Ranger” Sells Remedy for Disease He Doesn’t Think Exists

Sorta transcript:

Matt Novak at Gizmodo recently noticed a strange thing happening on Natural News, the website run by Mike Adams, known to him and his fans as “the Health Ranger” but known to everyone else who knows anything about science-based medicine as “the Bullshit Barbarian.” Adams is spreading the word that the Zika virus is a hoax perpetrated by a vast conspiratorial group including the CDC and Barack Hussein Obama himself, drumming up unnecessary fear about microcephalic babies in order to somehow funnel millions of dollars into pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines. For some reason. Oh and microcephalic babies are actually caused by chemicals being sprayed on people unbeknownst to them, and also vaccines because vaccines cause everything bad.

That’s par for the course over on Natural News, but what makes this particularly interesting is that the article appears alongside an ad for a mosquito repellant to prevent the Zika virus, sold by none other than Mike Adams, the Bullshit Barbarian.

Novak writes that Adams expects his audience to believe two conflicting ideas at once: that mosquitoes do not cause Zika and that they do and you need insect repellent to protect yourself. Novak may not realize that this, too, is par for the course! I’ve spoken before about how past research has shown that the conspiracy theorists targeted by Adams are perfectly comfortable believing two conflicting (and equally bullshit) ideas at the same time, like how Princess Diana was both murdered by the British government and still secretly alive. This makes it incredibly easy for “Big Alt Med” to fleece its customers every which way it can.

As for the bug spray Adams is selling, he advertises it as being “100% chemical-free,” which is fascinating in and of itself. If this claim is true, Adams is surely worthy of a Nobel prize at the least, since fucking every substance is made of chemicals. Water is a chemical.

It’s more likely that he means “useful substance free,” since as I mentioned in a previous video, “natural” bug repellents just don’t work, and in fact perfume might work ever so slightly better. Oh, but Natural News readers wouldn’t be wearing perfume, I assume, since that’s definitely a chemical. Oh, and soap is a chemical, too…you know, I think I’ve ridden a lot of public transportation with Natural News readers.

Rebecca Watson

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