Creepy Possessed Babies Now Cleared for Takeoff

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Sorta transcript:

Thai Smile Airways has announced that they’ll allow people to bring on board supernatural haunted child dolls, provided they buy the dolls a ticket. This policy stands in stark contrast to the United States’ TSA, which doesn’t even let you carry a bottle of shampoo on board, yes, even if you buy it its own ticket.

To be fair, though, you can’t make a bomb out of the captured spirit of a dead child, while it’s a well known fact that a single bottle of Pert Plus could actually melt steel beams.

The dolls are called Look Thep, and they’re a part of a growing cult belief that when children die, their souls can be captured into a doll, which can then be sold for several hundred dollars and then dressed in designer clothes and taken on airplanes.

I can’t deny that this belief system is super weird and creepy and wonderful, in the way that human beings are wonderful because they can believe just about anything. But I do need to spend at least a few minutes pointing out why this isn’t really the weirdest thing people have done.

First of all, I can see this being a very comforting belief for people who have lost a child. While I personally feel that people are better off coming to terms with the permanence of death, I’m not a parent and I can’t even imagine what it would take to recover from a loss like that. Maybe a ghost doll is a perfectly healthy stepping stone.

Second of all, sure, people are spending a lot of money, time, and effort pampering an object that doesn’t really give a shit. But I’ve been watching a lot of American reality TV lately and I’ve seen people buy diamond-studded couture sweatsuits for their dogs. Hell, I just paid $24 for a dinosaur costume for my cat. We don’t do these things for our pets — we do them for ourselves. Brendon has a perfectly happy life, without a dinosaur costume. Let’s be honest, it may even be a bit better without the costume. Nah, he likes it. Look at him.

Third, the airline has made a perfectly logical decision. People didn’t want their ghost babies stuffed into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of them, but it’s against safety standards to allow them to hold the dolls in their laps. So the best solution is to suggest that people just purchase an additional seat. And frankly, when I’m traveling on an airplane and the middle seat is taken, I’d much rather have it taken by a haunted baby doll than a smelly human with poor boundary issues.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Rebecca Watson,

    I see another problem with this.

    If these dolls really were infused with the souls of dead children, wouldn’t buying and selling them be just one step away from slavery? I mean can’t just buy and sell children.

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