The Post I Was Going To Write

I was going to write something else today.

I was going to write a post that was snarky and funny, but hopefully perceptive.

I was going to write a post about one of my pet issues, something that affects me.

That post would not have left me with images of broken bodies and blood.

That post would not have been “timely”.

That post would not have garnered comments about how we need to be peaceful in our protests.

Last weekend I saw a trailer for the movie Selma.

Last weekend those images made me shiver a little at the power of thousands of people who need a better society.

Last weekend I felt hopeful.

Today the scenes from Selma could easily be replaced with the news from Ferguson.

Today anything else pales.

Today everything looks hopeless.

I was going to write about something else today, but today should be for Michael Brown and every other Michael Brown that will come from this verdict.


Olivia is a giant pile of nerd who tends to freak out about linguistic prescriptivism, gender roles, and discrimination against the mentally ill. By day she writes things for the Autism Society of Minnesota, and by night she writes things everywhere else. Check out her ongoing screeds against jerkbrains at

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  1. I don’t know how to cope with the hideous injustice. It’s as though the US government wants a civil war. Though I suppose the state has already been carrying on a war, and so few people are able or willing to fight back. I don’t know how this can end well, but I hope with all my heart that somehow some of the perpetrators will face justice.

    1. “It’s as though the US government wants a civil war.”

      Maybe not all the government, but the South never stopped fighting the last one.

      I have noticed that a lot of the agitators tend to be college-educated whites and tend to be the ones grasping at straws to link Ferguson to Palestine. And people wonder why I’m so cynical about ‘solidarity’ and ‘intersectionality’ at times.

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