Global Quickies: Transgender Rights in Canada, Asian Suffragettes in the UK, and Charlatans in the Czech Republic

The Vancouver school board has voted to enact new guidelines and practices to support transgender students in schools., which includes allowing transgender students to be addressed by the name that corresponds with their own gender identity and allowing them to use bathrooms of their choice.

A 12-year-old transgender boy in Alberta has been granted a new birth certificate officiating his status as male. Before that, Alberta only allowed a person’s sex to be switched legally if gender reassignment had been performed,

The first report from an independent inquiry into family violence suggests changes in the court system are needed, such as shifting the burden of proof in domestic cases so that it lies with perpetrators not victims, and educating lawyers, judges and court staff about domestic violence and child abuse.

AUSTRALIA (From Jack99)
During the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence, Australia’s Army chief used his speech to argue that militaries that exclude women “do nothing to distinguish the soldier from the brute”.

Czech Health Minister says he is considering legislative changes to protect patients against charlatans.

UK (Via Female Equality Matters Daily)
The vital role that Asian women played in the feminist movement in early 20th century England has gone largely unnoticed.

Featured image: Indian Suffragettes in 1911, Museum of London.


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