Global Quickies: Demonstrations, Coconuts, and Bended Spoons

NORWAY (From Veronica)
Last week’s International Women’s Day saw mobilizations far beyond the traditional women’s movement due to the government’s move to introduce a new law that makes it legal for GPs to refuse to refer women to an abortion provider.

As in Norway, on International Women’s Day, thousands gathered in demonstrations around the country to protest against the government’s plan to outlaw nearly all abortions

CANADA (From cerberus40)
Strictly religious school that opposes vaccinations has been temporarily closed as measles infects 80-100 students

After the Catholic Church announced it had defrocked six priests accused of sex abuse in the Puerto Rican town of Arecibo, and local prosecutors disclosed that at least 11 other priests are under investigation, U.S. authorities acknowledge that they, too, are looking into abuse allegations by priests.

A man who calls himself Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP conducted rituals with coconuts and magic carpets and walking stick at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to help locate the missing plane.
Not to be outdone, Uri Geller says he has been asked to help find the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Unfortunately, a lot of people won’t find this as ridiculous as the coconuts and magic walking stick thing.

A Zimbabwean prophet has launched a $1.5 million legal claim against a South African sports broadcaster after it claimed he had predicted that Liverpool would win this season’s English Premier League.

The Scottish police department and advocacy groups have launched a new anti-rape public awareness campaign that is not targeted at potential victims.

Featured Image: Ingunn Andersen / NRK Demostrations in Oslo


Born and raised in Mexico City, Daniela has finally decided to abdicate her post as an armchair skeptic and start doing some skeptical activism. She is currently living in Spain after having lived in the US, Brazil and Italy. You can also find her blogging in Spanish at

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  1. Strictly religious school that opposes vaccinations has been temporarily closed as measles infects 80-100 students.

    Cause, meet effect.

    1. One of these days I’m going to make a zombie movie where there is a way to prevent zombie transformation, but some washed-up actors convince people it causes *files off last number* behavioral problems in children, so some people refuse to take it, and in the end, the undead take over.

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