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Hi! My name is Veronica, and I am managing the new and shiny Norwegian Skepchick blog that we launched yesterday. We had our first meeting with the new writers last Wednesday, seven in total. In addition to me and Marit Simonsen, who’s co-admin, we have: Kristin C who’s an astrophysicist, Kristina A who’s studying psychology, Bendik our “token guy”, who’s also Marit’s brother, Ingvild who’s an archaeologist, and the mysterious Leisha, no one really knows what she does, but she is very skeptical. The Norwegian blog will of course be in Norwegian, no surprise there, but I will cross-post some of the posts into English from time to time.

So, I’ll give an introduction of myself as well since I’ll be posting here too. I am of course a skeptic, and a feminist, as well as a secular humanist. My interest in feminism, and also gender theory, is fuelled by my own experiences as a trans woman. Skepchick has been an important part of my own journey towards starting my transition across the gender void. (Which really shouldn’t be a void at all, because it’s a colourful and exciting landscape where a lot of people would like to stay, even just for a while.) Regular commenters like Natalie Reed helped me out early on, and hearing Rebecca Watson speak about skepticism and feminism at the same time was my introduction to the combined awesomeness of the two. I am very excited about the turn in secularism and skepticism lately, with new organisations like Secular Woman popping up, and conferences like Women in Secularism, which I’ll attend in May unless my budget falls through.


I’m writing this from my house of awesome flatmates and animals, including my friend’s kitten, Kattlene, who’s sleeping inches away from my computer at the moment. We live about half an hour from Oslo in an area full of horses as well as wildlife. … and snow. Lots of snow. When I’m not at home clicking away on my laptop, I work at the University of Oslo at the Institute of Physics where I got my master’s degree only a couple of months ago. Yes, I can prove I’m a science nerd, and I am not apologising for it!

Of course, as a self-proclaimed nerd, I am also into other nerdy stuff. Like I am currently working on a science-fiction novel, or trilogy, we’ll see. (We all know that a trilogy can be anything up to five books.) I know what the yellow and red wires inside computers do, and my favourite Star Trek character is Jadzia Dax.

Any other qualifications, I mean random facts about me? Hmm, well I did go to bible college for two years back in the days. So I do know a thing or two about religion. Especially the more fundamentalist branches of Christianity. Critical thinking got me out of that around about seven–eight years ago. The process took a while though. The bonus was that the college was located in Sydney, Australia. A place I’d love to visit again soon. Maybe with less church this time.

So, yeah. This is me, our new Norwegian Skepchick blog, and a brief introduction of our team. This is going to be great! Love you all <3

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  1. Velkommen til Skepchick familien! Jeg bruker Google oversetter til å skrive dette. Jeg håper det er fornuftig. Stiftemaskiner flyter i lufta over øyenbrynene mine!

  2. Welcome! The only thing I know about Norway and skepticism is the need for a feminist skeptical argument to counter the likes of Eivind Berge. Hurray for more skeptical feminist voices on the intertubes!

  3. Congratulations Veronica, and the rest of the Norwegian complement!

    There were a few odd bugs in the format when I looked in yesterday (the recent comments summary was b0rked), so now you just need the site to be linked from each of the Skepchick blogs in the header.

  4. Congratulations, Veronica! International Skepchick FTW!
    Sydney is a great place to visit, but I would not like to live there.

    1. It wasn’t so bad. I lived there for two years straight. For someone used to European distances, you do feel a little isolated after a while. Spending Sundays in the botanical garden by the harbour was my favourite pass time on weekends, and me and my GF at the time went with some friends to the Blue Mountains, which was amazing. Even for someone being used to walking in mountains her entire life.

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