Bon Jovi: Not Dead

The internet is mourning the loss of Jon Bon Jovi… except, I’m pretty sure he’s not dead.

Right now, only one site is reporting his death, a site called “Daily New Blog International” [sic]

The blog is very “Daily New” because it was only created today.

No one who is not a reporter gets a scoop on Bon Jovi dying and has time to create a WordPress blog and post the news before any news sources, even TMZ who knew Michael Jackson was dead 20 minutes before he OD’ed.

Updates will be posted here in the event that Jon Bon Jovi’s “currently alive” status actually changed in the hours before this was posted.

UPDATE (minutes later): Also, the article was copied and info changed from the breaking LA Times story of Michael Jackson’s death

UPDATE (6:11 PM EST): GossipCop, another site I’ve never heard of is confirming that Bon Jovi is not dead.

UPDATE (9:00AM EST): Jon Bon Jovi claims, on Facebook, that he is not dead.


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  1. @Sasha: rebel??? I hope you’re kidding. The loss of Jon Bon Jovi would be an event only of interest to his family and friends…

    1. That’s a bit harsh don’t you think?

      You don’t need to like his music to see that he is a decent guy who does a lot for charity, something we are already in short supply of so, yeah easy joke but even he is having fun with it.

      Got to give him a bit of credit for that.

  2. The media probably got him confused with Kim Jong Il – they are hard to tell apart (especially when singing “Wanted Dead or Alive”).


      1. It’s a joke:P Someone on my FB last night posted a picture of David Lee Roth with “Bon Jovi is Dead!” on the pic. It’s just a stilly internet meme hehe.

  3. This was some great, unintended publicity for Bon Jovi, and he seems to be taking it well (that pic is adorable). I like him. He seems like a good dude.

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