Riddles of the Paranormal

In a viral campaign for the book Wildwood, Rainn Wilson has been playing around with an Asimov-like alter ego named Xanthony O’Harbinger. A clip has just debuted showing O’Harbinger hosting Riddles of the Paranormal, a show that bears a passing resemblance to Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World.

This episode takes place in Portland, Oregon, and guest stars Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein:

O’Harbinger’s Paradox:

The weirder the story, the truer it must be.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Dwight Shrute!

    After watching six seasons of ‘The Office’, that is who I shall forever think of Rainn Wilson as.

  2. This video is the type of idea I am monstrously jealous of because I have to wonder, considering my childhood saturated by “In Search Of” and Time Life’s “Mysteries of the Unknown”, and my current disdain for the crap programming on the History Channel, how did I not think of something like this first. Heck, one of the few things I think of as “memorable” from Ghostbusters II was Peter Venkman’s “World of the Psychic”!

    And Xanthony O’Harbinger??? Damn if that isn’t a name full of awesome!

  3. I bet Xanthony is a nod to Piers Anthony, author of the Xanth series. Yay pun-filled fantasy goodness.

  4. How do we know that was not filmed in Stanley Park, which is a very wooded park in Vancouver, BC in Canada? That is often where movies and TV shows that are supposed to take place in Portland, OR or Seattle, WA are filmed.

    Okay, we are a bit weird here. Anyone who listens to Dr. Mark Crislip’s podcasts with weather reports from Portland knows this. Public money actually went to mapping ley lines in Seattle:

    Of course, a few years ago I saw this silly paranormal program that claimed to find some ley lines ten blocks from my house, but they did not match up with that map!

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