In Case You Missed It: October 16-October 22 on the Skepchick Network

It’s Monday! Time to check out what you missed last week on Mad Art Lab, Teen Skepchick, Skepchick SE, and Escéptica. Let’s go!

Mad Art Lab

Sunday Morning Illusion: Magic Eye
Ryan explains how “Magic Eye” illusions work.

AI: Seeing Red
What do the website designs of the Republican presidential candidates say about them?

Guest Post: Baby Planets
A guest video from Blue on the discovery of a planet being formed.

Teen Skepchick

Modern Mythology: An Egg-cellent Home Experiment
Learn how to balance and egg!

Speak Your Mind: Love Your Body
Teen Skepchick asks what you do to make yourself feel good in the face of unattainable beauty standards.

Skepchick SE

Salt is Not Just Good… (på svenska)
Are you inhaling salt to purify your lungs? Felicia explains why you’re wasting your time.

Hehehehealer (på svenska)
Charmkvard on “spiritual standup.”

It’s a Shame if People with Pussy (på svenska)
Technicolor discusses the differences in how we discuss men and women involved in child sex abuse.


Disobeying Common Sense (en español)
SoydelBierzo writes his first post for Escéptica and tells us about the “Civil Disovedience Food Fair”, where they will try to sell you everything from herbal remedies to cure Aids and Cancer to Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).

Superstitious Discrimination (en español)
With Halloween just around the corner, Angela wants people to stop discriminating against black cats.

Dressing Schrodinger (Cat Sold Separately) (en español)
Inspired by the Mad Art Lab’s awesome paper dolls, we want Escéptica readers to tell us about their artistic outlets.

Featured image credit: Joost J. Bakker


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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