SkeptiCamp Ohio 2011 Is Officially on Its Way

Are you in Ohio? If so, good. Stay where you are. If not, would you like to be? Um, the answer is yes. And I have a good reason for you to be – on May 7, we’ll be hosting our third SkeptiCamp Ohio.

We’ve just launched this year’s website and you can now register to attend. Unlike past years, we are charging ($12) for registration this year. That’s because, unlike past years, this year’s venue is our own private room at an Irish pub, and your registration fee covers admission as well as free food.

Even better? This is SkeptiCamp, which means we’re relying on our awesome attendees for awesome content. So go over to our website and sign up as a speaker. We’re still building the speaker list, but I can say with reasonable certainty that I’ll be speaking. You can also watch some of last year’s speakers online at Vimeo. Hopefully all those fine folks will consider reprising their talks or giving new talks this time around.

I think this is a great opportunity to hear some excellent talks and mix with other skeptics without the travel and cost of the big conferences. I have high hopes for this year’s event. So, go register and sign up to speak! All at once! We can handle it.


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. I understand why you’d feel the need to charge for admission, but aren’t you worried that will turn away some folks?

  2. @shinrai: It’s honestly not “feeling the need,” it’s recognizing a real need. I’m putting up my own cash to cover the costs of this, plus the fact that last year I had dozens of people, including speakers, sign up and never show up at all. As an organizer, last year’s experience was a nightmare for me and I only decided to do another one because of this format change. The free model simply didn’t work, period.

  3. $12 seems very reasonable and easily affordable. No complaints here :)

    Except the May 7th part… that may already be committed… darnit. :(

  4. @ Jen – Fair enough. I know down here we have a dicey time putting on our event even with months and months of fundraising which is what I mean by “feel the need”; I can easily see how it would be charge or nothing. I was just curious if you’d received any negative feedback in planning or announcing from people changing their minds because they’re cheapskates.

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