Hebbo! New Skepchick Here!

I don’t really know how to go about introducing myself so I’ll just say some things about who I am. I’m an atheist/skeptic, a mom, a wife, a friend, and a sister. I’m also a knitter, a gamer, a geocacher, a small business owner, and a movie watcher. Let’s not forget I steal the covers, complain when the weather is too cold (or too hot), and I’m a good driver (who was totally not at fault in any of those accidents). I’m perpetually short on sleep, I like a cocktail in the evening, and I’m frequently appalled at the junk people will believe. I tweet, but I do not ever sing in public. I’ll argue a point and never, ever back down if I know I’m right and I’ll be the first person to admit I’m wrong if you can prove it. I’ll help a friend move, but only after asking if they’ve considered hiring someone to do the heavy lifting. I think critical thinking and reason are the most important skills one can have. I hog the conversation at parties and at lunch if you let me, but I’ll buy, so it’s ok, right?

And now I’m a Skepchick. Rebecca has charged me with the mission of seeking out geeky/science/skeptic events happening around the world to add to our calendar. She’s given me a chance to promote critical thinking and reason in a very real way.

All of these events are great opportunities for either outreach, education, activism or all of the above. Not to mention, socializing with like minded people to recharge our intellectual batteries. If you’re anything like me, you find those batteries drained by the credulity and anti-intellectualism of far too many people around us. Reaching out and meeting people to let them know that we’re here, and they belong with us, letting them know there is an us to be part of is a huge part of my mission. Once they know about all the awesome skeptical resources, they can find ways to make skeptical activism part of their lives. The more interested, active people in our community, the more we can promote critical thinking and reason in the world at large.

Our new events website ( will become a one stop web shopping space to find all the interesting things happening so that skeptics can connect and make plans to take over the world. Mua-ha-ha-ha.

Anyhow. That’s me. I’m happy to be here. There’s a lot of work to be done promoting skeptical activism and I’m ready to do my part. And to steal the covers.


Kammy is an skeptic, mom, wife, Dungeon Master (D&D, not BDSM) and crafter. Humble receptionist by day, fierce social justice warrior/cleric by night. She's mad as hell about sexists, racists and lets face it, white men in general and she's not gonna take it anymore.

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    And this makes me happy.

    That you’re here, not the birthday thing.

    The birthday thing, too, but mostly that makes me sad because I’m hours away from the party.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    It has been an awesome day. As someone on Twitter said, “becoming an official Skepchick and its your birthday. You are OWNING this day.” And its true. Tomorrow I go back to scooping the litter box and cleaning jello off the walls, but today I OWN!

  3. @QuestionAuthority:

    Any pets? Yes, two kitties. :)


    Kammy isn’t short for anything. Its long for Kam. :P

    Sadly not related. Unless you count needing a drink after a hard day of parenting. :D

    If Bug’s buyin’, I’ll be drinkin’. :)

    @Jacob V:
    I hope to get to a TAM someday. SkepchickCON and TAM happen so close together, that I can’t usually be away from home that much in one month. I’ll try. :)

  4. W00T! Sorry about the screaming, but I can’t help it. Kammy is the absolute best. Congratulations, and I hope your birthday yesterday was great!

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