Skepchicon 2010!

Plans are beginning to take shape for our second annual Skepchicon! I’ve been working on new guests and programming, and hope to make this one better than the last, which is saying something.

First things first. We need your help. Last year, Skepchick was able to fund Skepchicon, but due to Rebecca’s recent move to the UK, and her decision to file for nonprofit status there, our cash supply is in a sort of transatlantic limbo. If you can, please toss a few dollars our way to help make this Con as awesome as the last one. Any amount is appreciated.


Vital Info:

The event takes place July 1-4, 2010 at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, Bloomington, MN.

Register for the convention

You can also join the Skepchicon Facebook group to meet up with other attendees and stay updated as we hammer out more details.

If you have any suggestions for panels or guests you think would be good, please drop me a line through our contact form using the “suggestion” subject heading.

Thanks, and see you there!

More information can be found and will remain available here.

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  1. So the receipt from Paypal says “Elyse”. What’s up with that? I also found the attached note a little confusing:

    “hic… thanksh”

    I can’t make it this year, but I hope it’s a real barn-burner.

  2. Beyond money, do you guys need any help of the logistical/local sort? I’ll obviously throw some of the green help in too, but we’d be able to help in other ways, too.

    Last year the party was off the hook.

    We’ve already got our rooms reserved! Skepchicon and Convergence are amazingly awesome.

  3. hey everyone, thanks so much for your generosity :) skepchick readers are the best.

    @autobahn: yes, we will be in need of some help as the con approaches, and especially during the event itself.

    i’ll start compiling a list of minions. send me your info via the contact form and i’ll put you on the list.


  4. @DataJack:

    It’s iffy if I’d even be cleared by the doctor to go by then, but even if I was, I don’t think that a Skepchick Villa party in Vegas is necessarily the best environment for a 1 month old… granted everyone there will be vaccinated, so it’s probably safer than the park.

  5. Like last year, I’ll be more than happy to help out again with the preparations of the room party. I arrive on the 30th again, which this time around, is only one day in advance.

    I could also use a US address to have my badge etc. sent to (Carrie? Tammy?), as CONvergence still doesn’t like furriners apparently …

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