I’m on Carpool with Robert Llewellyn!

I’d like to apologize now for any camera & car-related awkwardness! The still frame of us is hilarious:

Or watch on LlewTube!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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  1. Rebecca, thank the flying spaghetti monster you’re in England now and haven’t heard much about Jesse Ventura’s new show glorifying conspiracy theories. He has on mostly right-wing kooks that believe Bush was the organizer of 9/11 _and_ that Obama was born in Kenya.

  2. As a fellow Red Dwarf geek, can I just say, SQUEEEE! OMG OMG OMG!!!
    OK, now that that’s out of my system. Great interview. A good overview of many topics, that looked like so much fun.

  3. Hey, that means I’m only separated from Kryten by two degrees. Come to think of it, knowing Rebecca puts me two degrees from lots of people.

    So, Rebecca, how many steps from you to Kevin Bacon?

  4. Holy cow. I’ve been a huge fan of CarPool since the early trial runs. I almost wish I hadn’t seen this post and just got a shock when I watched it.


    And folks, seriously, dig through the old ones. They’re all good. The recent Patrick Stewart CarPool was fantastic.

  5. What an awesome way to start my morning.

    And by the way there are plenty of skeptics in Seattle. We aren’t all placaeboswillingactivisthippies…. :)

  6. Rebecca that was wonderful! I could see you’re wearing a SurlyAmy necklace but not what it said. Next time, stop playing with your hair (personal pet peeve) and slow down a bit. Great conversation once I stopped actually watching it.

  7. @Bjornar: Robert Llewellyn has filmed a role in an upcoming film called “Eldorado” that features Steve Guttenberg, who was in the 1982 film “Diner” with Kevin Bacon.

    This gives Rebecca a Bacon number of three. I have a Bacon number of 5, if you allow connections other than film/TV/video podcasts.

  8. Oh sure. I pick up a girl on the street corner and videotape it, and I’m an asshole.

    That was a great interview, but that dude has entirely too many “L”s in his name. He’s a walking Tom Brokaw nightmare.

  9. @Sam Ogden: It’s historically a Welsh name, and they like their Ls. In Welsh, LL is a letter on it’s own and is pronounced sort of like an L with a lisp – the Welsh town Llanelli is pronounced roughly Thlanethli.

    Mr Llewellyn just pronounces it as a single L though.

  10. Great interview! I especially loved the part about loving the real world but maintaining an appreciation for imagination. It’s an excellent point that is not often articulated as well as you expressed it in this interview. And not to bring up a discussion that’s been had many times on this forum before, but I completely agree that “lying” to your kids can be good for them. It gives them the opportunity to figure something out on their own- and that can be extremely rewarding.

  11. I am really surprised people thought you were speaking too quickly! Your pace was pretty much spot on for me (you speak more slowly on your weekly videos which I find a tiny bit too slow). Maybe a British/American thing?

  12. First: Llewtube! Funny. :D

    Second: Oh man, that was an excellent interview/conversation (ignoring the horribly wrong numbers)! I’m totally impressed by Rebecca’s cool and ability to say so much, so eloquently, without false starts and incomplete sentences.

    Third: That I was really watching Rebecca, in a car, with Robert Llewellyn kept interrupting my thought processes at irregular intervals.

    Four: @Andrew Nixon. Thank you for that very useful information. I’ll blatantly count carpool and this video to claim a Bacon number of 4.

    Okay, so it’s only a youtube video, but it has Rebecca, and my voice.

  13. Rebecca, you can still come back to Washington State, we won’t hold your history against you. And this was your best video performance to date! (IMO)

  14. @Rebecca:

    Egads yes. I meant that as, “because you adjust your hair so much and that’s a personal pet peeve for me, I clicked off onto another tab but continued to LISTEN to the interview.” Is that better I hope?

    You did great!

  15. Excellent interview, Rebecca! I particularly enjoyed learning some bits about your background that I didn’t already know. And now that I know about Carpool, I’ve got something else to spend time on.

  16. That was a great interview. Now I have the urge to go watch RD (after watching the Car Pool with Patrick Stewart, of course).

    @Rebecca: I didn’t know that you were a fellow South Jerseyan. Awesome.

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