Skepchick Quickies 10.7

Skeptics gather at TAMLondon and the BBC takes notice. Thanks, Dave.

Sydney sends us a story about underground folk medicine among the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Also from Sydney: Bring your pet to mass day

New info on the science behind near-death experiences, from ZenMonkey.

“It’s not like a couple of yahoos sitting in their van.” Middleman says, “yeah, right.”

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  1. Maybe they WERE the advanced reptiles, and they moved on to other, better worlds, using the earth as a testing ground for all sorts of weird experiments, like anal probing.

  2. “Reptilians have manipulated perceptions of world history and hold power over humankind …”

    — And are smart enough to make everyone think it’s really the mice, who are in charge. (Alude to Douglas Adams’ HHG)

  3. Adam Apollo, a Web designer, Jedi teacher and self-titled “planetary ambassador” from San Fransisco…

    I was going make some kind of sarcastic comment about this “Galactic Gathering”, but damn… it’s just way too easy.

  4. ” But the sceptics are also using the internet to organise loose networks of informal meetings. ”

    I was on a loose network dedicated to informal meetings once, but all the girls were adbots so I quit.

  5. From the underground folk medicine article:

    “The movement is always downward and away to the left,”

    What a coincidence; that’s the same motion you make with the Wii remote when you dispatch a ghost in Cursed Mountain.

  6. Damn, that was a lot of stupid crammed into a few articles. The faith healers…I guess memorizing some old German prayers is easier than Med school, and as since it has the same effect…

    But the UFO/Lizard Overlords? If they can run the whole damn world from behind the scenes, including every government on Earth, why can’t they stop a small group of nut jobs from gathering in a motel and revealing their secrets? Also, they can’t stop a small town newspaper (with terrible editors) from publishing their secrets?

    Evil Galactic Empires just ain’t what they used to be…

  7. @DataJack: “If they can run the whole damn world from behind the scenes, including every government on Earth, why can’t they stop a small group of nut jobs from gathering in a motel and revealing their secrets?”

    It’s that damned aluminum foil. I mean, you go through all the trouble of taking over a planet and then get stymied by something that cheap and easy to acquire. Just typical! If only they controlled the world economy, then they could restrict the availability of aluminum foil…

  8. You are all missing the important point about the reptile aliens: no matter how hard it is for us to believe, it is irrefutable that they are among us.

  9. From those wacky alternative healers:

    “I touched a large Bible and felt an electric charge telling me to become a powwower.”

    Actually, the static discharge was just trying to tell him that the humidity was rather low that day, but unfortunately, it’s words got muddled when they were translated from Electronese to English.

    @Peregrine: D:

  10. What I get a kick out of is how all these alien species name themselves after the names we assigned the stars (Sirians from Sirius, Pleiadeans from the Pleiades). That’s really considerate of them. The reptiloids even go as far as being from Alpha Draconis, the brightest star in the constellation shaped like a dragon. Reptiloid/dragon – get it? Makes it so much easier to keep your craziness straight when you’ve got such convenient mnemonics.

  11. @Gabrielbrawley: A pretty good diagnosis I’d say. However, as a mental health “professional” (and arm-chair Jedi master), I would have to use the technical definition, taken straight from the DSM-IV, of “bat-shit crazy”

    Also, I tend to agree with @Im a Hedge: He did it for the nookie, or the cookie.

  12. @Skept-artist: Yeah. These days Schizophrenia is so overused they’re considering BSC instead.

    It’s funny, because the first thing that came into my head when I read the first few paragraphs of the article was: This guy’s suffering from late onset schizophrenia, but then I read about his “lovely” wife. Wow. I hope these two didn’t breed.

  13. Largely unavoidable.

    I’m from a different world used to profess
    Look into these eyes
    Then you’ll see the size of this mess
    Dwellin on the past
    Its burnin’ up my brain
    Everyone that’s learned best agree that I’m insane
    Hey I think about the day
    My girlie led me away from my pay
    When fellas come to play
    No she stuck we looked for bigfoot and I’m fucked
    And I’m just a sucker with a lump in my throat
    Hey, like a chump
    Should I be feelin’ bad? No
    Should I be feelin good? No
    Its kinda sad I’m the laughin’ stock of the neighborhood
    You would think that I’d be movin’ on
    But I’m a sucker like I said
    Fucked up in the head, not!!
    Maybe she just made a mistake
    I should give her a break
    My heart will ache either way
    Hey, what the hell
    Watcha want me to say
    I wont lie that I cant deny

    I did it all for the nookie
    The nookie
    While looking for a wookie
    Reptiles made us, yeah!!
    Reptiles made us, yeah!!
    Reptiles made us, yeah!!
    Why did it take so long?
    Why did I wait so long, huh
    To figure it out? but I did it
    And I’m the only one underneath the sun who didn’t get it
    I cant believe you all can be deceived
    But not my so called girl, but in reality
    Had hidden agenda
    She put my job at CSU in a blender
    And still I surrendered
    Hey, like a chump

  14. @Mark Hall: Indeed. And it was one of those discoveries where they initially thought they had a malfunction, then investigated further and had a “Huh, that’s funny” moment, and finally concluded they’d really discovered something.
    Rather than concluding first and finding out you’re wrong, as more often happens.

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