AI: Zero to Tooty Fruity

How have automatic bzooties impacted your life? (Feel free to consult your Becktionary on this one.) Also, if you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. Brain cells die in the zooty-toot fruit fresh
    zombies survive on the fast-frozen guest mash.

    It ain’t no thing for the vultures to sing
    when the sun soaked entrails flash like bling.

    Coffee’s gone cold while the baby’s on the change table
    daddy got mom with his half-day razor stubble.

  2. ….is the AI *trying* to alienate people now? I haven’t had the slightest idea what’s going on for the past week and am starting to ignore the skepticism folder of my feed aggregator.

  3. Must be another case of scintillating intellectual engagement I’m clearly to thick or obtuse to comprehend or care about. Better luck tomorrow. (And why yes, its dripping with it.)

  4. Definitely an odd week for Skepchick. Perhaps an odd planetary alignment. Hopefully a rare one.

    I had a skeptical moment today. An acquaintance posted on facebook a lengthy discussion of his breathing and headache problems, is 100% convinced they are due to mold, and refuses to deal with any doctor that won’t also believe this. I chose to say nothing thinking it a hopeless case. If he won’t believe a doctor what are the chances someone he met a dozen times can alter his trajectory? Can anyone suggest a strategy or affirm my decision to take a pass?

  5. I don’t know if you guys realize this, but this week is actually International Menses Awareness Week, well-known for exposing people to an uncomfortable discharge of bloody madness, raw emotion, nonsensical journalism (which has, by the way, just flat out been crampin’ people’s style), and is also known for it’s highly acclaimed ‘Bucket of Ice Cream-Eating’ and ‘Who Can Stay in the Fetal Position the Longest’ Contests. Clearly they’re celebrating.
    This fact not only provides us insight into this week’s AI’s, but also explains why Sam and Rebecca are exempt from the week’s festivities.

  6. @davew: Could you suggest that he get allergy tested or something to make sure it’s mold/see what kind of mold? Suggest it as a way to get the doctors to believe him?

    @Loona: ….International Menses Awareness Week involves making women look like they should be in an asylum because they have no contact whatsoever with reality? I mean, I’m female, and if these have supposed to raise awareness of menses I’m frankly insulted. Also, a quick google of the phrase turned up….. nothing. Zero results for the phrase in quotes and without the quotes nothing at all related. So, I call bullshit.

    @Andrew Nixon: That’d be a really short AI, wouldn’t it?

  7. @davew: Can anyone suggest a strategy or affirm my decision to take a pass?


    I wish I could. Maybe a mold test, as Shiyiya suggests… but if he refuses to deal with a doctor who doesn’t agree with him, is he likely to believe a negative allergy test? And even if he is allergic to mold, maybe he ALSO has a brain tumor, you know?

  8. Totally off topic (Topic?)

    I’ve been following the twists and turns of some scamsters on ebay. They are selling a bogus AIDS cure.

    Last night the title of the auction was “AIDS MAGIC BULLETS $618,000.00 or $999. once YOU CHOOSE” (classy, no?) Today, thanks to myself and some kind folks at the JREF forums, that auction is reported and gone. Replaced with “HAVE HIV/AIDS ? MB33 HAS SET US ALL FREE- CHECK IT OUT.” The hyperbole and price have been reduced by a third.

    If you haven’t had your daily dose of loathing the crap-peddlers, check it out. It’s an amazing mishmash of woo and pure scam.

  9. @davew: About 10 years ago I rented a house with a leaky basement. When spring came a mold problem developed. A temporary fix was to spray the hell out of the basement with Lysol. Maybe suggest to your friend to try that, and if his problem doesn’t improve that he might try listening to his doctor.

  10. Thanks one and all for the mold suggestions. You have roused me to action. I’m going to stew for while and try one or more of them.

    @sethmanapio “And even if he is allergic to mold, maybe he ALSO has a brain tumor, you know?”

    I wish I knew him well enough to know if he’s always been a bit strange of if this is new behavior. Over the past few years two of my family members have gone from normal to full-on paranoid delusions so I”m unusually sensitive now to how quickly the human brain can take sick.

  11. @Shiyiya: Quite the skeptic, I must admit this. ;) But then again, I should hope most people won’t take what I said literally. It’s obviously a great idea in theory, though.

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