Because I Can: Late COTW!

I missed my usual Friday Comment o’ the Week awards extravaganza since I was busy traveling down the East Coast with several Boston skeptics (and Skepchick commenters). However, I couldn’t let this great comment go without mention. Congratulations to Thick McRunFast, who responded to the religious wrestling shirt reading “Jesus doesn’t tap” with the following:

ThickMcRunfastNo Gravatar // May 21, 2009 at 12:48 pm

Of course Jesus didn’t tap. His arms were nailed down.

ThickMcRunfast, you get the ability to choose tomorrow’s Afternoon Inquisition. Hurry! Send it in using the contact form.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. For a fun follow-up, guess who owns Jesus Didn’t Tap. Without googling it.

    I’m betting your guess was wrong.

    Jason David Frank.

    aka The Green Power Ranger

  2. @ThickMcRunfast: Wow, my guess was way off…

    I mean, what was I thinking!

    Man, I’m such an idiot!

    Congrats, BTW.

    Geeze, I am so stupid, stupid, stupid!

  3. Just to clarify “Jesus didnt Tap” is an MMA Clothing line not a wrestling clothing line. With that being said its probably the worst idea ever. If I am not mistaken they do sponsor some fighters, I just dont want people confusing MMA for wrestling.

  4. Reminds me of a favorite story. A friend of mine went over to a buddy’s house to play poker. When he walked in their foyer, they had a large wall hanging of Jesus on the cross, with one arm held out holding a dove. My friend shouted “quick, someone grab a hammer, he’s getting away”. He was never invited back. LOL

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