Skepchick Quickies, 12.24


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  1. Re: The sex chip: Am I the only one that thinks that this might be a really, really bad idea? Does anyone else recall Larry Niven’s “wireheads” from the Known Space universe?

    Re: the Pope: You mean people still listen to that old pederast? ;-)

  2. @QuestionAuthority: Agreed, what happens if this thing malfunctions. I should think this could get incredibly messy. Disclaimer: If you have an orgasm lasting more than 4 hours seek medical attention.

    Thats a 911 call I would like to hear.

  3. @jabell2r and Steve_DeGroof:
    I was also thinking of Larry Niven’s scenarios where people either killed themselves or murdered others by removing the timer from the unit. It was supposed to be hardwired to a timer to prevent the user from starving to death because they lacked the will to turn it off themselves.

    There is also the potential to use it as a torture device. Just use it on someone until they are thoroughly addicted to it, then withhold it until they tell you what you want to know. Of course, most people realize that torture is not very productive, but there are plenty of people out there still willing to use it.

    I can see the possibility of some therapeutic uses, but we all know that something like this would quickly be out on the streets…It would make cocaine, heroin and meth look like M&M’s.

  4. It occurs to me that the sort of people who might be motivated to trigger these chips remotely are exactly the sort of people who are capable of figuring out how to do it. But I’m sure these devices will be completely secure and impervious to external tampering (rolls eyes).

  5. “…in October a leading Vatican official called homosexuality “a deviation, an irregularity, a wound.”

    Gee, do you think that means the Catholic Church will finally do something about all the priests that are molesting little boys, besides moving them from parish to parish? ;-) Latest news was that it’s happening in Ireland, too.

  6. Sex chip…, hmmm, raises lots of questions.

    Where do I buy stock ?
    Anyone checked out Orgasmatron dot com ?
    Will women be talking among themselves at the bar commenting about guys as needing a #3 setting as opposed to poor ol Bob who needs a the dial turned up to #7 ?

  7. Note to the male readership: Steve warns us that your Wii is trying to kill you. But if you get that sex chip implanted, your Wii-Wii will try to kill you.

  8. Something about the wording of the sex chip article makes it sound strangely like a bunch of male scientists who can’t figure out a woman in bed, so they went along inventing this instead…

  9. I suppose the potential for breaking the encryption code of the sex chip remote control device would require a whole rewrite of ‘invasion of privacy’ statutes. Would giving your implanted sister in law an orgasm in the middle of Christmas dinner be considered a sexual assault of just misdemeanor emotional cruelty?

  10. @Gabrielbrawley: It’s funny how sometimes things just fall into place. I read this and thought “I wonder if it’s ethical to invent a recreational device specifically designed to weed out foolish people.” Right after that, I flipped to Google Reader and found this: rocket-powered sled.

  11. @Steve_DeGroof: At least, he’s an expert rocket builder.
    Now, if he were some redneck after too many beers, it might be another story…

  12. @Nicole: I have to disagree. The chip was obviously invented for women. Most men can already trigger an orgasm by simply thinking the word “orgasm”…wait…wait…ahhhhh… where was I?

    I think that it may have been invented by male scientist who were having trouble satisfying their female partners and felt that it was the women who needed help.

  13. Wait! I just re-read Nicole’s comment and realize that I simply restated exactly what she said instead of disagreeing with her!

    I blame …ummm…Gulf War Syndrome.

  14. @durnett: LOL!

    Yes, men do have that crazy talent.

    Although, honestly, there are lots of women that actually do have problems there, and this would be a huge boon to them! Sadly, the first test subject didn’t quite think so….

  15. @Nicole: If it had been long enough that she thinks of her lack of sexuality as a virute the change would threaten the way that she thinks of herself. “I am virtuous because I don’t really like sex.” then the chip is put in. “I like sex, that make me a non virtuous person. I want this thing out of my head so I can be virtuous again.”

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