Skepchick Quickies, Weekend Edition – 11.8


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  1. In the time it took me to realize I get drunk long before I can make diamonds. I have mysteriously run out of chocolate chips. Will have to google speed of light any way. Wouldn’t Mr. Wizard be proud of this experiment.

  2. I particularly liked the quotes surrounding the word scientific….like it’s something stodgy and old. I can just see the author making airquotes while saying the word.

  3. The book “How to Fossilize your Hampster” was in the “currently reading” section a few months ago. I actually already owned the book, and tried some of the experiments in it.

    The book had a version of the chocolate chip one, using a Hershey bar. Adrebellious and I did it, and it was pretty tasty.

  4. Note to self – post later in the day, when fully conscious and caffeinated. I’m blaming Firefox spell check for the last one, which apparently accepts alternate spellings.

  5. Speed of light from a microwave experiement works much better with a large piece of hard-ish Cheese (say, Jarlsburg) as you can take it out and measure the distance between melt-spots.

    It was on the A-level Physics course way back when I was still at school!

  6. @Joshua: tequila does make a good window glass cleaner. ;-)

    It sounds like the Thames Valley University is training Jedi Knights or something. “…all life is animated by a subtle force. We call this the Life Force. You either believe it or you do not. ”

    Damn, it almost sounds like Yoda. :-D Is someone over there channeling George Lucas?

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