There are only two words to describe today: wet and boring.  Yesterday was the rainiest day in Chicago’s history.    Just a whole lot of rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  Everything is wet. There’s not a whole lot to do and there’s nowhere to go since most places are flooded. We didn’t even get the excitement of a hurricane.

Just water and boredom.

But this video made me smile.

Feel free to comment with other cute videos, pictures of cute boys, and/or ideas for entertaining 2 adults, 2 dogs and Baby Moose on a rainy, floody Sunday (ideas that don’t include me having to watch football.)

(Hat tip to Swoopy who posted this on Facebook)


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  1. If you enjoy Muppets, math, and singing, then nothing beats this video of The Count. A common audio editing technique is repeatedly and unnecessarily applied to this wonderful, innocent math video for children.

    Because you’re not juvenile, I’m sure you won’t laugh at this:

    I would like to suggest this as an upcoming Skepchick monthly contest. Find a video of a quack, pseudoscientist, or religious nut and apply this same technique to it.

    And let’s not have EVERYBODY all use Sylvia Browne.

  2. Well the creek didn’t flood into my house, but shit water came up the basement shower and a bunch of ground water through the cinder block basement walls. I just installed a second sump pump, but it still flooded again. I hate the rain,

  3. For once I get to brag about the weather. The weather was perfect today. About 73 F with a nice breeze and clear and sunny. I worked in the garden for hours and loved it.

    By the way if you need to pass the time you could hold a family wine tasting. Blind the bottles and make all sorts of snooty comments about the wine. I’ll be surprised if moose makes it through 2 glasses.

  4. @ekimbrough:

    can you get COTW for posting a youtube? i don’t know, but i think you should!

    that was FANTASTIC!

    (also, I will be running your idea past Jill. I think it’s an awesome idea for a contest!)

  5. @ekimbrough:

    Oh thank you for the link – loved it! Brillo.

    I love your suggestion also. Awww. Can’t I dub a Sylvia? I think dubbing her with Selma from the Simpsons as well as bleeping would be good.

    Wait, nobody would be able to tell…..

  6. I know this sounds tragic (I think Americans call it cheezy), but I am a sucker for looking through family photographs.

    Hours can disappear and I always feel more cheerful.

    Admittedly, this will only work if you HAVE a lot of photographs, digital or hard copy….

    Also fun for when babies are starting to recognise objects/people.

  7. What’s wrong with rain? Rain is good. Essential to life in abundance even. I like rain.

    Curiously the phrase “good weather for ducks” when referring to inclement weather is a misnomer as oils that provide waterproofing and strength to feathers is washed away in heavy periods of rain.

  8. “Hot, Hot, Hot,” as the calypso song says. It’s hazy, hot and humid in the DC Metro area. However, the weather guessers tell us we might see a little of Ike’s rain about midweek. Nothing like the Texans and midwesterners got.

    I have some masks and snorkels around, if the Chicagoans need them… ;-)

  9. @killyosaur42: Haha! Well, the sun rises and sets here every day too…

    I honestly kinda miss the rain though. It was raining fairly constantly when I left IL. Too much sun can start to suck, me being a pasty white boy who burns entirely too easily…

  10. @Detroitus: Made a minor mistake, he said that about how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets in Hawaii are. Cor, I do need to proof read before posting.

  11. I agree, COTW for ekimbrough‘s video! That was awesome, and if I have to be juvenile to think it’s funny than YAY FOR JUVENILITY! ;) (Keeps me looking young, right?)

    I like rain, which is a good thing since I live in the Pacific Northwest. But it does get a little tiresome when it goes on for days and weeks on end and the ground is so soggy that fences and shrubs start falling over.

    That said … for the last few days here, it has been in the 70’s and 80’s, perfect blue skies, warm in the day and cool at night. The month of September is one of the reasons people stay living here.

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