Skepchick Quickies, 9.24


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  1. @Ooxman: I’m sure there are a number of “haunted” duplexes and houses that are not mansions, it’s just that mansions tend to be much more impressive and therefore a bigger draw.

  2. Lets see McCain needs 304 billion more dollars for his budget (not including bailout money) and since he actually believes all education and science are the sole property of the bible. Without raising taxes one can guess were he intends to get the money.

  3. that’s funny i thought a lot more people on this siter would be a little more outraged about the potential insane lack of funding in science. i guess it’s more fun to argue about compassion lol.

    @Kaylia Marie

    what are you waiting for? go collect Randi’s million!

  4. My wife is expecting a baby (our first) in February. I don’t even know yet if we’re having a boy or a girl, but I already know we’re getting it vaccinated.

    I am a dirty self-linker.

    Also, we find out what it is tomorrow, so I guess I could have just waited until then.

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