Calendar Curiosities: September 15, 1835: the HMS Beagle arrives in the Galápagos Islands

On this day, not so long ago (the giant tortoises would remember, for sure)  Charles Darwin arrived in the Galapágos Islands. 

It was the second voyage of the HMS Beagle, and Darwin’s time on the islands wasn’t even a main goal of the voyage.  The whole voyage took 5 years, the time spent in the Galápagos was less than one month.  Oh, and Darwin was on board as a geologist, not biologist.  PZ’s fragment tells you all about it.

The weather there is lovely this time of year.  And there’s all kinds of cutie critters.  I’m a bit surprised he was able to concentrate on his work at all.  But have no doubt, we’re all better off that he did.  In his five weeks on these islands, the seeds of evolution by natural selection were planted in that awesome brain.

Photo of me on the day I arrived in the Galápagos Islands last month, after the jump.  (My awesome brain not on display.)

a.real.girl, plus boobies


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  1. Damn! I am SO jealous that you got to go there, a.real.girl! I’ve heard that it is worth the expense to go.

    Are there really signs that say that if you stray from the marked paths, you will very well die before you are found?

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