Reminder Houston Area Skeptics

Don’t forget to join the illustrious and multi-talented Geek Goddess (of Skepchick Calendar fame) and the Greater Houston Skeptic Society for their inaugural meet-up tonight, August 27, 2008 at the Ragin’ Cajun restaurant (Richmond Ave. location) at 6:30 or 7:00pm CST until whenever.

Approximately 20 people have already RSVP-ed, (see, many of whom read this blog and/or post regularly over at the JREF forum. So there will be some faces (well, names anyway) that are familiar to you hardcore Internet skeptics. And GG tells me we will have the back/side room to ourselves.

As this is the first gathering, it is going to be extremely informal, but I know GG will be looking for input from everyone about future meetings and other things we can do as a group, so bring your kick ass ideas along with a good appetite for Cajun food.

Sam Ogden

Sam Ogden is a writer, beach bum, and songwriter living in Houston, Texas, but he may be found scratching himself at many points across the globe. Follow him on Twitter @SamOgden

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  1. I’ll try to make it, but I still make no promises. I live way the Hell out on the SE side, and traffic is a nightmare that time of day.

  2. Traffic is nasty, but it will be worth the effort! In our previous meetings, we stayed until they shut the restaurant, at 10. So…just come after traffic…


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