Skepchick Quickies, 7.30


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  1. I never really liked the Comedy Central show “Kenny Vs. Spenny”. I had high hopes for it because it was endorsed by Matt and Trey…but alas, I found it “shallow and pedantic” (thanks Peter Griffin). I haven’t changed my mind about the show in general, but this particular prank is darn funny.
    I wish they’d done that down here in Texas….

  2. “The Roman Catholic Church has very strict guidelines regarding what is deemed an official sighting of the Virgin Mary.”
    That made me smile a little. I guess it is good that they have standards?

  3. That pig monkeys just melts my heart, honestly. Not because it’s cute, but I feel so bad for it. How is that genetically possible? Was there a confused and horny monkey out in the jungle somewhere? It’s good that the son seems to enjoy playing with it. Otherwise it naturally wouldn’t survive.

    The prank with the “Jesus Sucks” is rather amusing…I will admit.

    And the Virgin Mary in the drain? PUH-leez. Finding pictures is simply what the human brain does. We find patterns in the chaos that is life. If we did not do so, we would not be able to internalize most of the information that bombards our brains EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So the Virgin Mary in the drain? Simply a recognized pattern in the chaos that is a dirty drain.

  4. Wow. I think the line “I wanna put a baby in you” is simultaneously one of the weirdest and the stupidest things you could say to a girl… particularly if you’ve only known said girl for five minutes. Guys such as the ones Titiana has been unfortunate to date recently give hope to men like myself. I may be inept when it comes to the ladies, but “I wanna put a baby in you” is on a level I will never reach and I will sleep soundly with that knowledge.

  5. The pig is so….. I don’t know…. cool.

    I am guessing neural-tube defect. It’s eyes aren’t even in sockets, really… weeeird.

  6. Poor monkeypig. I hope that kid gives him lots of hugs. birth defects are mean.

    I’ve never watched Kenny vs. Spenny, but this prank makes me want to. It’s immature and silly, but it makes all the people who reacted angrily look even more immature and silly. I also like how Christians are more pissed than all the random hispanic guys named Jesus that live in Toronto. It all about THEIR personal lord and savior, not that friendly immigrant living down the street.

  7. I had to break up with a guy once because he told me he thought the moon landing was a hoax. I just…couldn’t.

  8. Yeah, the human brain is evidently “hard wired” to seek patterns and identify shapes.

    It is perhaps telling that MY brain sees in the drain stain a breast with erect nipple, not the virgin Mary. ;)

  9. Monkey pig? I don’t think so, some horny red neck chinese farmer was getting himself some barnyard loving. That’s a man pig. Now we just need to breed it with a bear and creat manbearpig and present the offspring to Matt and Trey.

  10. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of Kenny vs. Spenny. It’s a wicked, silly utterly retarded show. And praise naughty atheist jewboy Kenny for pulling off such a clever stunt. Speaking of Matt and Trey and the monkey-face piglet, that unfortunate creature does bear a striking resemblance to the lovechild of Mr. Garrison and the pot-belly pig in the SP episode “An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig”.

  11. New slogan: “Don’t high-hat the monkeypig!” Anyone? Anyone?

    Talk about your barnyard feng shui being off.

  12. Show me a water stain that doesn’t look like the ‘virgin mary’, then I’ll be impressed.

  13. Somewhat like Tati I once dated a girl who, on our first night out, suggested I re-read Unweaving the Rainbow. Like Penn and his wife, “It was love at first mention of Dawkins.”

    I LOVE that the third comment down on the monkey-faced pig article is “A pig like that, you don’t eat all at once.” I laughed for a good five minutes.

    Would you call that a monkey pig or a pig monkey? Would it be hyphenated like monkey-pig? It’s got a lot of the same issues as staple-gun and I want to know.

  14. I still say this is a product of man pig love. Thus it is a man pig. I wonder if there is a man pig love association, mapigla? Less disgusting than manbla.

  15. You know… I can’t help but wonder why no one ever sees the face of Sam the Butcher in a grease stain? Or maybe Inspector Gadget?

    It’s always Jesus, Mary, Jesus, Mary, blah blah blah… Let’s be more original people!

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